Meet George

Former three-term governor of New York, George Pataki, brought conservative solutions to a state in crisis, revived the economy and led  through the worst terrorist attack on American soil. As Governor, he inspired people of all backgrounds to work together and believe in a better future.

Pataki grew up in upstate New York working on the family farm where he learned the power of discipline, community, and hard work. His grandparents were immigrants. His father was a postman and volunteer fire chief. George’s mother turned down a college scholarship in order to continue working to help support her family, but she was determined that her sons would go to college. George worked year round to afford tuition at Yale University where he led the school's Conservative Party. After graduating Columbia Law School, Pataki practiced law, and was later elected mayor of Peekskill. From there, his public service continued, and he went on to serve as State Assemblyman, State Senator, and three terms as New York State 53rd Governor. He is currently Of Counsel with Chadbourne and Parke LLC, and president of his own small business, The Pataki-Cahill Group, that works in energy, infrastructure, and clean-tech.

George met his wife Libby Pataki body surfing in a hurricane and the two have been married for forty-one years. They have four children; Emily, Teddy, Allison, and Owen and two dogs named Balto and Bradley. Emily recently worked in the legal department of Bloomberg LLP, and is currently a stay at home mother. Teddy served as a Marine officer in Iraq, works for the Knights of Columbus, and is a father. Allison is a historical fiction novelist, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Traitor's Wife and The Accidental Empress, and their youngest son, Owen, is an is an Army officer who recently returned from Afghanistan and will attend grad school for film.

Path to Victory

The Time Has Come To Take Washington Back

“We the People are equipped to lead this nation. We the People are what make this country great."

George Pataki’s agenda empowers the citizens  of our great nation to take back our government. He believes that Washington has overreached, and that the culture of Washington needs to be changed, not managed. Liberty is the only way for the independent spirit of the American people to thrive. Governor Pataki was elected as a Republican in a deep blue state--the only New York governor to win on the Conservative Party Line. He has demonstrated the ability to unite people over the issues that matter and lead our nation back to prosperity.  The future of this country and the Republican Party depend on choosing a candidate that can speak to the entire country and win votes across the aisle. As governor, Pataki provided real solutions that inspired people of all backgrounds to work together towards a better future. 

People Over Politics.

  • The current Republican field cries out for a shakeup . . . Do not underestimate [Pataki] . . . He's got genuine human qualities that are admirable. He's a stone-cold political killer.
    Huffington Post
  • Don't underestimate the impact of his big brain on the debate stage.
    Mark Halperin
    Bloomberg News
  • Of all the potential candidates, Mr. Pataki has made the most trips to New Hampshire, something that has drawn attention . . .
    Thomas Rath
    former New Hampshire National Republican Committeeman
  • Anyone who says that the 2016 stage has been set has not met George Pataki.
    Ken Salazar
    Former United States Secretary of the Interior
  • George Pataki would make a more formidable Republican candidate than many seem to appreciate.
    Bernie Quigley
    New York Observer
  • Here's a guy who was mayor of Peekskill and figured out how to become Governor of New York. So I wouldn't underestimate him . ..
    John McLaughlin
    Gannet Syndicate